Current Works in Progress:

Duct Tape and Wishes

Duct Tape and Wishes is a middle-grade novel set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Twelve-year-old Ruby Clements is an aspiring equestrian with dreams of competing and owning her own horse. Her dreams come crashing down when her parents get divorced. Ruby must find a way to overcome her challenges so she can find her way back to the horses she loves.

Bumbling Bea’s Search for Nectar

Bumbling Bea’s Search for Nectar is a fiction/non-fiction hybrid picture book. After receiving her first job assignment, Bea sets forth to be the best nectar collector in the hive. However, Bea isn’t the best listener, and she misses the critical instructions for her job. After many failed attempts, will Bea finally find the flowers and the nectar she’s been searching for so the colony can survive?